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I am

I am the Professor of Strategy and Innovation and Vice Dean for Research and Internationalization at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in Linz, Austria. In addition, I work as an Affiliated Research Scientist at the Center for Effective Organizations at the University of Southern California and as a Lecturer in Digital Innovation at the CBS International Business School in Mainz, Germany. Previously, I was appointed the Junior Professor of General Management at Steinbeis University in Berlin.

I love

I love curious people. That’s why I spent the first 12 years of my career in various consulting, innovation, and strategy roles for a top 20 technology company. While working there, I supported various divisions from Europe, North America, and Asia during their transformations and successfully implemented a New Work-style academy.

Today, I apply my diverse experience from my own research and work in both large international corporations and medium-sized companies. I regularly take on assignments in Competence and Innovation Management, Skills-Based and Agile Organization, Green and Digital Innovation – in recent years increasingly with industrial manufacturers and in the healthcare and public sectors. Learn more at business.johannaanzengruber.com

I take action

I take action with an eye on the future. That’s why it was important to me to develop a new form of skills management that would endure in an agile world informed by future planning rather than rigid role profiles, thus supporting companies in their transformation. This resulted in the Skills-Based Organization approach. You can find out how it works here:

I dream

I dream of giving people enough knowledge and “tools” to realize their ideas. That’s why the focus of my research and teaching is always on discovering and trying out, deepening and reflecting, and sharing. This creates a steady transfer between science-practice-teaching-practice-science.

My profile at a glance

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Ars Docendi 2018- Nominated for the Austrian State Award for Excellence in Teaching

Best Student Paper Award, Academy of Management Conference Boston, 2019

Jury and reviewer functions



Edison der Preis

Reviewer functions

European Academy of Management

Academy of Management

Strategic Management Society

International Human Resource Management Journal

Managerial Psychology

Expert Systems with Applications

International Journal of Organizational Analysis

Journal of Leadership and Organizational Development

Associate Editor – Change Management: An International Journal


International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM)

FiDAR – Frauen in die Aufsichtsräte Forum

Deutscher Hochschulverband (DHV)

Center of Excellence, WU Wien

Conferences and panels

Petersberger Gespräche

Peter Drucker Foren

Academy of Management Conferences

European Academy of Management Conferences

International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM) Conferences

Strategic Management Society Conference

Short Facts

09/2019 – present

Vice Dean for Research and Internationalization, University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, Linz, Austria

08/2019 – present

Lecturer for Strategy and Innovation, CBS International Business School, Mainz, Germany

07/2018 – present

Partner Digital Excellence Group

03/2016 – present

Professor for Strategy and Innovation, University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria, Linz, Austria

01/2016 – present

Affiliate Research Scientist, Center for Effective Organizations, University of Southern California

07/2011 – 06/2017

Junior Professor for General Management, Steinbeis University, Berlin, Germany (attained habilitation equivalency)

05/2012 – 10/2016

Member of the Board, Steinbeis University, Berlin, Germany

07/2010 – 06/2016

Clinical Products, Department Head of Core Competence Strategy; Global Strategy Manager
Siemens Healthcare, Inc., Clinical Products, Germany

8/2006 – 04/2009

Doctoral Program in International Business and Management,
Vienna University of Economics and Business

10/2005 – 06/2010

Program Manager for Global R&D Strategy Projects
Project Manager/Consultant for Strategic Future Projects and Business Planning
Consultant for the R&D Internationalization Initiative,
Siemens Corporate Technology

Program Manager for Global R&D Strategy Projects
Consultant for the R&D Internationalization Initiative,
Siemens Corporate Technology

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